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Brand Guidelines

“The krama wheel collection is for wanderers and wonderers who take on each day with style and purpose”

-Casual chic
-Urban explorer
-Confident yet approachable
-World traveler/global citizen
-Urban settings (coffee shops, farmers markets, brownstones, street corners, textured walls, etc.) that are not too colorful/distracting

As for clothing, I find that casual-yet-stylish, neutral-colored clothing tends to work best as to not distract too much from the scarves (though I'm definitely not opposed to a bit of color if it works well to highlight a particular scarf)

I always aim to incorporate a variety of scarf tying in the photos - not just the standard "one loop" around the neck - see examples. I always want the scarves to “look alive” and full, not too flat/limp on the model. This video showing a variety of ways to tie scarves may be helpful/inspirational (though she uses a thin silk scarf, so not all these ways work well with thicker scarves...): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LYAEz777AU

Most krama wheel scarves are unisex so I would love most of them to be shot on men and women models. There are 3 scarves that are more feminine so those do not need to be shot on men (let me know what the best way to convey this to you is).

As for models, the ideal age range is anywhere between late 20s-early 40s. I'm happy with all ethnicities. I'm also totally fine with tattoos/piercings/beards as long as they are not too distracting from the scarves. I also prefer to avoid unnatural hair colors as to not distract from the scarf colors. I always aim for a natural look in terms of makeup. Ideally models that are not overly preppy. Someone with Sanetra’s look/style I think could be awesome, but obviously doesn’t have to be her specifically :)

Please style the scarves in a way so the sewn-on label isn't showing in the photos


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